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The office will be closed Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day. Our sincere gratitude to those brave men and woman who have served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Peace Officer Memorial Day is held on May 15. It honors and remembers police officers who gave their lives while on duty. Police officers protect us 24/7 every day of the year. It’s a sometimes-dangerous job. They know they are putting their lives at risk to keep us safe. Police officers know the risk and accept them. Sometimes, they pay the ultimate price. Please show your respect and appreciation for police officers everywhere, today and every day.



The Texarkana Farmers’ Market located at 305 Texas Blvd is set to open for the summer season on Saturday, May 1st. The theme of the May 1st market will be “Meet your Farmers’ sponsored by Farmer Bank and Trust.

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Texas Coronavirus Relief Bill Rental Assistance Program

Behind on Rent or utility bills?  The Texas Rent Relief Program is here to help. COVID-19 has affected Texans across the state. The Texas Rent Relief Program has emergency funds available to help Texas renters pay rent and utility bills (including past due rent and utilities). The Texas Rent Relief Program can help renters with the following costs starting as far back as March 13, 2020 (this means you could potentially request assistance for up to 11 months of past due bills):

· Past due, current and up to 3 months of expected rent costs

· Past due, current or up to 3 months of expected utility and home energy expenses

After the initial 3 months of forward assistance, you can apply for 3 additional months of assistance if funds are still available.

Apply today at

Armed Forces Day This is simply a day to salute all the men and women in all branches of military, who protect you and our country. They can be called upon at a moment’s notice to perform a risky mission for freedom and country.

Twice as Fine Wine

Texarkana Festival!


11AM-7PM  Saturday, May 1 at Spring Lake Park. Free wine tasting the third Thursday of every month. Next date-May 20, 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Celebrate motherhood-Mother's Day is not a federal holiday but it's a day to celebrate motherhood and show appreciation for mothers, including (great-)grandmothers, stepmothers, foster mothers and other mother figures.


A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.—Gaspard Mermillod


National Day of Prayer

May 6th

Trail Head Park Pavilion

12 NOON – 1 PM

New Boston, TX





· 1 slice bread

· 1 egg

· 2 tablespoons milk

· 1 teaspoon cocoa powder

· banana, sliced

· chocolate chip, to taste


Slice bread into cubes. In a bowl, add egg, milk, and cocoa powder. Mix. In a microwave safe mug, place half of the cubed bread and desired amount of bananas and chocolate chips. Place the rest of the bread pour the egg mixture into the mug. Microwave for 1½ minutes or until egg is fully cooked. Top it off with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Enjoy!


Public Housing Conversion

All tenants who chose option 1 and plan to move:  If you have found a place to rent, you need to call Andy so she can get you an appt with ATCOG. You also need to call Patti and schedule a move out inspection.  If you chose option 1 originally, but changed your mind, you need to fill out another Option Form with your new choice.  You can do it online at or come by the office and get a copy from Andy and fill it out there or download a copy from our website and turn it in to the Central Office once filled out. 


*NOTE:  Qualified residents are those who 1) live in Public Housing, 2) have no outstanding debt with this Agency, and 3) are compliant with the requirements of this conversion.


April-June – Residents with Option 1 must relocate.

July 1 - All remaining residents sign a new lease.

August 1 – Vouchers for Options 2 and 3 are activated.

Graduating High School Seniors Hopefully, you have already begun your search toward college.  There are some exciting programs just for you.


Scholarships:  This is free money for your college.  As a resident of NBPM, you are qualified for a number of scholarships from small amounts to very large ones. Ask at the front desk for more information.


Grants:  Apply for that Pell grant and other governments grants.  It’s there for you. Take advantage of it.

   Go to


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This agency does not endorse or represent any businesses/churches.



Looking for a job? Job opening are posted in  the lobby of the Central Office. Just drop by and check it out or go to our website at, to the Community Board and see job opportunities there.

 Rent vs Evictions:   Under Texas Law, if there is no justifiable reason to not pay your monthly rent, the landlord may terminate the lease and evict the household. Unfortunately this is currently happening to a few of our residents.  State law does not forgive rent from being paid, it just required landlords to give a grace period.  Please don’t get caught in this trap. Just know that wherever you live, rent or mortgage will always be required until the place where you live belongs to you. 

Dumpsters are for BAGGED GARBAGE only. Absolutely no furniture or mattresses in or near dumpsters is permitted. If you see that the dumpster by your apartment is full, please go to the next dumpster that is not full and put it in there. There are many dumpsters on the property. NO trash should be dumped out by the dumpster.


Cal Davis, Executive Director


Phone: 903-628-2951

Fax: 903-628-8001


After Hours Maintenance: 903-278-5477


Emergency:  911– Ask for New Boston 

Centerpoint Energy:  1-800-259-5544

AEP (SWEPCO):  1-877-373-4585