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Because “I love you” never gets old

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples. It is a holiday that represents love. Whether you are in a relationship or single on Valentine’s Day, celebrating your friends, siblings, parents or who supports you no matter what, it is a day to take the time to appreciate all those in our life whom we love.


We kindly ask that any of our residents confirm with the office if they have received a positive Covid-19 test or are being quarantined for symptoms. We have protocol that we must follow in keeping the entire Property Management community safe and sanitized.


February is American Heart Health Month for both pets and people! Each year, heart-related conditions such as heart disease, heartworm, and heart murmurs affect our furry family members in a big way.  Make sure to have your pet's heart checked annually and twice a year as they get older.


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all scheduled events have been canceled or postponed.  That includes, Friendship Services, WIC, and Bingo.  Management will be keeping you in the know on what is happening from their standpoint. Please read your Newsletters and emails for updates.  Please stay safe.



Since Public Housing in New Boston is closing, all qualified* residents will receive a Section 8 voucher in some form. Under this conversion, all residents of Oak Terrace/Family, Dogwood Plaza, Link Homes and Corley Homes are required to complete the Option Form included in this newsletter. The form can also be found on the Agency website at If you have not completed this in 2021, then please complete and return to the Central Office no later than February 15 at 5:00. If you have questions about this form, please call or email for answers; 903-628-2951 Andy, ext. 101, or, or Patti, ext. 202,  Here is a schedule of events:


    Until February 15- Receiving all Option Forms from every resident to order          


    March - May-Residents with Option 1 must relocate.

    June - All remaining residents sign a new lease.

    July 1 – Vouchers for Options 2 and 3 are activated.


*NOTE:  Qualified residents are those who 1) live in Public Housing, 2) have no outstanding debt with this Agency, and 3) are compliant with the requirements of this conversion.

   Explanations about Option Form


Option 1 – You plan to move by May 31. You must find a house/apartment to move. The landlord must agree to receive a Section 8 voucher. Patti Chisum is your go-to person. Submit moving expense receipts to Patti for a refund.

Option 2 – You do not plan to move at this time. You keep your Section 8 voucher during the time of this next lease with NBPM. At the end of the lease, you can move to another location with your voucher.

Option 3 – You do not plan to move. The voucher will then stay with the apartment. If you later decide to move, sixty days prior to the end of the lease, you tell your caseworker that you wish to move. You will automatically be given a voucher so you can find another place to live before your lease is expired.

Note:  No one will lose their housing assistance in this conversion process as long as you are compliant with your lease and the program.

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Please do not put a check or money order in the drop box without filling it out properly. Please follow the steps provided below so that we can process your payment.  On the “pay to” line you can put NBPM or New Boston Property Management.

Steps to fill out a money order

1. Fill in the name of the recipient. Write the name of the recipient of the money order in the “pay to” or “pay to the order of” field. Example: NBPM (Do not put your name in that  field.)

2. Include your address in the purchaser section.

3. Sign your name in the “purchaser’s  signature” section.

4. Do not sign the back. Tear off and keep receipt.

Money Orders without any of the above will not be processed



This agency does not endorse or represent any businesses/churches.



Two $500 NBPM Educational Scholarships 

The Board of Directors has established two $500 annual educational or technical training scholarships for residents.  Both scholarships are for residents who are going to an educational institution or a technical school. Technical training includes HVAC, welding, cosmetology, etc. where training is a requirement to work in that field of income. One scholarship is for a high school senior and the second is for any adult who is starting or returning to either an educational or technical program. Applications will be available at the Central Office.  Deadlines for the 2021 scholarship is Friday, April 9, at noon.  Take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t be late.

Graduating High School Seniors Hopefully, you have already begun your search toward college.  There are some exciting programs just for you.


Scholarships:  This is free money for your college.  As a resident of NBPM, you are qualified for a number of scholarships from small amounts to very large ones. Ask at the front desk for more information.


Grants:  Apply for that Pell grant and other governments grants.  It’s there for you. Take advantage of it.

   Go to

 Rent vs Evictions:   Under Texas Law, if there is no justifiable reason to not pay your monthly rent, the landlord may terminate the lease and evict the household. Unfortunately this is currently happening to a few of our residents.  State law does not forgive rent from being paid, it just required landlords to give a grace period.  Please don’t get caught in this trap. Just know that wherever you live, rent or mortgage will always be required until the place where you live belongs to you. 


Presidents day

Property Management offices will be closed on Monday, February 15, in observance of President’s Day.  President’s Day was originally designated in honor of George Washington's birthday and is still legally called "Washington's Birthday." The first president of the United States was born on February 22, 1732.

Cal Davis, Executive Director


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After Hours Maintenance: 903-278-5477


Emergency:  911– Ask for New Boston 

Centerpoint Energy:  1-800-259-5544

AEP (SWEPCO):  1-877-373-4585


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer and does not discriminate against 62 years of age or older, handicapped or disabled, regardless of age.